Suncoast Symphony Orchestra

2016-2017 Friends of the Orchestra, Near & Far
All proceeds from these donators go directly to the orchestra to help pay for the programs, music and other orchestra expenses. Thank you, friends, for your generous support! To become a "Friend" of the orchestra at any donation level, please see our Donations page.
BENEFACTOR $500.00: 
Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Boduch - Clearwater, FL
Linda Bradley and Family - Palm Harbor, FL

PATRON $250.00: 
Anonymous - Clearwater, FL

SUPPORTER $100.00: 
In memory of Rod Bradley - Palm Harbor, FL
David L. Christman - Palm Harbor, FL
Scott and Melissa Crandell - Mifflinburg, PA
Sue Dauterman - Largo, FL
Kay DeCorso - Clearwater, FL
Ted DeCorso - Clearwater, FL
Louise Feddler - Palm Harbor, FL
Jack Jaqua - Seminole, FL
James and Marcella Mateka - Palm Harbor, FL
Barbara Moler - Dunedin, FL
In Memory of Bob Moler - Dunedin, FL
Thomas Nelson - New Port Richey, FL
Lorraine Palazzolo - Beverly Hills, FL
Palm Harbor Chiropractic and Wellness Center - Palm Harbor, FL
Patricia M. Papadopoulos - Tampa, FL
Wendy J. Parker - Clearwater, FL
In memory of Art Perkins - Palm Harbor, FL
Emmanuel and Fenaida Priela - Largo, FL
Susan Rhein - Tarpon Springs, FL
In Memory of Hazel Roosevelt - Clearwater, FL
David and Susan Rutter - Clearewater, FL
Karl Schebelin - Clearwater, FL
Trotter Family - Seminole, FL
John and Kathleen Wacker - Clearwater, FL
Kathy Younker - Palm Harbor, FL
Chester Zeglinski - Dunedin, FL

DONOR $50.00: 
Don and Nancy Abair - Palm Harbor, FL
Barbara Billick - Palm Harbor, FL
In Memory of George Blackwell - Tarpon Springs, FL
In Memory of Rod Bradley - Palm Harbor, FL
Paul and Joan Connway - Palm Harbor, FL
Greg and Judy Davis - St. Petersburg, FL
Shirley Fay - Palm Harbor, FL
Louise Feddler - Palm Harbor, FL
Constance Fisher - Palm Harbor, FL
Patricia Fisher - Hamilton, OH
Cynthia Fry - Tampa, FL
Juliette K Gittinger - Palm Harbor, FL
Cathleen Good - Safety Harbor, FL
Martha C. Gray - Largo, FL
David and Virginia Gren - Palm Harbor, FL
Joanne Griffith - Palm Harbor, FL
Allen Henske - Seminole, FL
Tollie and Gloria Holtzclaw - Dunedin, FL
Jodi Johnston - Oldsmar, FL
Madge Ladd - Largo, FL
Charles and Dolores Lake - Largo, FL
Edgar J. and Anne L. Lecuyer - Wrantham, MA
James and Elizabeth Lehmann - Largo, FL
Dan and Vickie Mader - Crooks, SD
Michael E. and Lois M. Margeson - Largo, FL
Karen McMahon - Palm Harbor, FL
Rev. Tom Morgan - Largo, FL
Jim and Kathi Patton - Seminole, FL
James Ponticelli - Clearwater, FL
Merla Rilott - Dunedin, FL
Mary Dirhne and Bob Roperti - Largo, FL
Josephine Scott - Barnegat Light, NJ
Elwood Stilwell - Largo, FL
Elizabeth R. Weber - Largo, FL
Rosemarie Weber - Largo, FL
Delores Wolsey - Seminole, FL

FRIEND $25.00: 

Elaine Anthony - Pinellas Park, FL
Thomas and Regina Basdekis - Windsor Lock, CT
Arlene Grashoff Bull - Palm Harbor, FL
Perry and Mae Burright - Oldsmar, FL
David Coash, DMA - St. Petersburg, FL
Alexander S. Corvin - Clearwater, FL
Georgie Crandell - Clearwater, FL
Gerard and Natalie Duignan - Redington Beach, FL
In memory of Ella - Riverview, FL
Rebecca A. Fowler - Clearwater, FL
Cynthia Fry - Tampa, FL
Marta Fuller - Oldsmar, FL
Vicki Garcia - Clearwater, FL
Dan and Jackie Gregorio - Largo, FL
Jill Grote - Clearwater, FL
Gary and Rosemary Hansen - Palm Harbor, FL
George and Suzanne Hilliker - Palm Harbor, FL
Sandra Hunter - Clearwater, FL
Elaine Johnson - East Moriches, NY
David and Dianne Kemler - Largo, FL
George Kolitsas - Clearwater, FL
Bob and Pam Kove - Clearwater, FL
F. Harry Kreutzberg - Palm Harbor, FL
Bob and Pam Lasher - Clearwater, FL
T. Richard and Lucille T. Leidig - Largo, FL
In Memory of Dr. Thomas F. Lindsey - Clearwater, FL
Gary Little - Palm Harbor, FL
Nina and Don Lomurno - Palm Harbor, FL
Robert and Janet Marks - Palm Harbor, FL
Laura and Tim McCann - Palm Harbor, FL
M.E. Morgan - Tampa, FL
Ed and Marilyn Mulcahy - Clearwater, FL
Greta Nelson - New Port Richey, FL
Delores C. Ortiz - Largo, FL
Keith and Kathie Overvold - Clearwater, FL
Lorraine Palazzolo - Beverly Hills, FL
Joe and Amber Papadopoulos - Tampa, FL
Jose L. Rodriguez - Largo, FL
Bill and Phyllis Shields - Palm Harbor, FL
Linda Sladek - Clearwater, FL
Joseph and Sandra Spencer - Clearwater, FL
Marcella and Justin Stile - Palm Harbor, FL
Ken and Ann Storms - Palm Harbor, FL
Paul and Hilda Taylor - Clearwater, FL